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How can my pet benefit from physical rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation has become increasingly important in the post-operative and wellness management of our canine and feline companions. Pain management, obesity and osteoarthritis have become common concerns among pet owners, who are looking for adjunct and synergistic approaches to their pets. Rehabilitation can significantly impact the physical and mental well-being of our furry friends suffering from a variety of conditions. Whether your pet needs a post-operative program to get them back on their feet faster or a long term health and conditioning strategy, we are here to help guide them to their optimal selves.  

Blue Springs Animal Rehabilitation Center is a referral-based, patient-focused practice. We can offer your pet the following benefits:

Increased speed of recovery following orthopedic surgery or neurological disease 

Improved performance and quality of movement 

Increased strength and endurance 

Improved flexibility 

Decreased pain

Increase weight loss

Non-invasive intervention with minimal complications 

Prevention of future injury